The Sea Island cotton is silky to the touch, full bodied and homogeneous, perfect for men’s shirts

The quality of the fabrics is a fundamental element for making successful clothing items.

Fibers, textures and in general the history of fabrics have ancient origins.

Scrupulously chosen for the characteristics, the quality and the use that can be done, the fabrics are decisive in the evaluation of the choices in terms of clothing.

At the beginning the man dressed using raw elements like the leaves of the trees or their barks, as well as the skin of the animals hunted coarsely, but with time he learned to use the fibers of wool, cotton and linen to get fabrics precious and completely natural.

Fabric’s world is an extraordinary world to which man pays more and more attention, especially considering that the fibers with which the clothes are made remain in contact with the skin for a lot of hours.

The yarn industry is increasingly careful and scrupulous, and commits a lot of energy in the search for completely natural solutions to transform the textile fibers into yarn and then work them to get the fabrics.

The sartorial tradition and the use of fine cotton fabrics

To create unique and exclusive garments, respecting the rules of great tailoring, the focus is essentially on the use of fine fabrics from cotton to alpaca wool, from cashmere to mohair.

The research of raw materials allows the introduction of  new yarns on the market, which adapt perfectly to today’s requirements in terms of wearability.


Sea Island cotton: natural fibers and silky effect for the perfect shirt

Nowadays people today can choose to wear Sea Island cotton shirts thanks to continuous studies and the use of innovative fibers. It is a quality fabric, extremely silky to the touch but also homogeneous and full-bodied.

Sea Island cotton is decidedly robust but at the same time light, so it is ideal for creating clothes with an accentuated wearability starting from the shirts, which the tailoring sector offers in models to be personalized as you prefer.

In the wardrobe of a man can not miss the Sea Island cotton shirts considering the many advantages of this shiny and very resistant fabric.

It is a high quality fabric that does not fear washings, rather with time it softens without losing body and strength.

From Sea Island cotton, soft, homogeneous and full-bodied fabrics are obtained, able to improve with every wash.

Sea Island cotton has a limited production, so it is a rare and appreciated fabric.

Despite the constant growth today the production of this type of cotton touches only 0.0004% of the world supply.