Christianity With Pastor Chris’ Healing School

Pastor Chris has been gracing television stations for years. The Nigerian televangelist has made a name for his himself through establishing a worshiping platform for masses. Being an inspiration to many believers, Pastor Chris has founded several channels as well as programs with the aim of empowering Christians. Among these programs is Believer’s LoveWorld Incorporated, an affiliate of Christ Embassy, a church he leads in worship. Chris’ ministry operates under several arms including Rhapsody of Realities, Innercity Mission established for children, LoveWorld Books as well as the Healing School. Perhaps one of his most successful ministries has been this school.

The School

The Healing School comprises of a global ministerial project outlining the mandate to disseminate healing to different nations. By partnering with this institution, there is a bond that initiates the commitment by participants as well as corporate organizations to transform people’s lives. The school seeks to offer project sponsorships to attendees. Through these programs and projects, Christians get the chance to interact with leaders who build their emotional intelligence to believe in the spiritual being. To this program, the fulfillment of the mandate has always been the agenda of converging believers as well as the non-believers.


Through the network of partners, this school has retained a plethora of shareholders who share in the vision of combined forces of spirituality and Christianity. With Chris in charge of the program and facilitation, this school has taken divine intervention to a different yet empowering level. Some of the benefits that come with being a member of this school include:

Becoming God’s outstretched arm that reaches out to the disturbed in the world. With every healing at this school, the world receives divine power coupled with positive energy. One interesting fact with this benefit is having a record of good tidings in your name. Through the partnership seed that is fostered by membership, the school acknowledges its members for undertaking the vocational training. Chris prides himself in being the lead facilitator of an initiative that has massively transformed the world.


Another interesting fact about being a member of the school is having the ability to establish concrete gospel relationships within the society. By being a good example in the society, the gospel shall have been spread. According to the book of Mark, chapter 16 verses 5, the Bible instructs Christians to go into the world and preach the good news. Being the lead facilitator, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is following Christ’ example. Most of the former students from the school eventually graduate to become ministers. From healing testimonies to transformed lives, this school offers a life changing experience to most people.

Societal Contribution

Partnership with this school serves as family insurance. According to Proverbs 11:25, the beatitudes have a hidden meaning that translates to the associates of a believer enjoying the fruits. With the healing anointing that a family member receives from this program, the family members who may not be part of the program are bound to receive that healing. Through the school, the healing session extends to many. The healing that you will receive in this school is guaranteed to cover your family and loved ones. With divine intervention and partnership, this program is set to transform people’s lives. It is believed that God allows the good you have extended to others to grow inside your heart.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is highly regarded for his input in the gospel ministries. As a mentor, leader and a role model, Chris has created friendly as well as fatherly relationships with multitudes. He believes that with the gospel in place, many people will turn to God and seek the proper ways of living. Being a minister at Christ Embassy, Chris has attended many gospel workshops as well as events with the aim of spreading God’s word.